Key Tips for Being a Great Passenger

When you have a long journey to travel, having a decent passenger can make the journey fly by!  How do you measure up?  Take a look at our top tips for being the best passenger and you’ll be able to call shotgun on every journey!

  1. Bring a good playlist – nobody wants to sit in silence for hours, nor do they want to listen to the same old songs on repeat.  Bring along a creative playlist packed with all your favourites (and a few singalongs too!)
  2. Be in charge of the map – ok, so these days we all use GPS so make sure your phone is handy, has lots of battery life and away you go!  Just make sure you know the postcode…
  3. Chargers – be the legend that remembers an in car charger.  Nobody wants their battery to run out with an hour still to go!
  4. Snacks – obviously you’ll need some tasty treats for the journey!  Sweets are a must, but try to go for the ones without too much extra packaging…or you’ll be the one picking up all the wrappers!
  5. Torch – sounds melodramatic, but be sure to have a small torch in your bag, you never know when you might be stuck on the side of the road in the middle of the night!