How to Save Money on Your Car Hire

Keeping prices down is a key factor in many car hire decisions, so here is our guide to getting the most for less money…

  • Don’t be tempted by any fancy packages – literally buy the most basic package possible, and avoid being swayed by any sales talk at the desk.  You don’t need the highest level of insurance protection (see number 3)
  • Bring your own Sat Nav – you might be asked if you want Sat Nav in the car, but this can come at a hefty price.  Some firms charge as much as £80 for Sat Nav, and when you think you can buy one for less than that to keep, you might as well bring your own!
  • Buy excess insurance at home – linked to numer 1, buy the cheapest package and add your own excess insurance.  This can save you £100s per hire!
  • Check their policies on fuel and mileage – some firms have different policies when it comes to younger drivers (under 25 years) and some have limits on the number of miles you can drive.  Check everything before you go!