How to Know When to Change Your Tyres

Have you ever been unsure about when is best to change your tyres?  Here are our top tips for making sure you know when and why to change your tyres.

The first point is to understand the function of the treads on your tyres.  The little grooves in the tyre are there to divert water from underneath the tyre which improves traction and avoids hydroplaning on wet roads.  If the tyres are worn, they become unsafe, once the tread is down to 1.6mm they are certainly not safe.

Look at the tread pattern on your tyre.  All tyres have what are known as “wear bars”.  As the tyre wears down, they become flush with the wear bars, which is a good indication that it is time to replace the tyres.

As a general rule, if you replace your tyres at least every 6 years you will be on the right side, as although tyres generally come with a maximum life of 10 years, changing them within 6 usually is the right time.