Get Your Car All Set For Winter

Driving in the winter can be a totally different experience to other times of year.  Here’s some helpful advice for getting your car ready for the colder months.

  • always make sure you have a charged mobile phone with you when you go out.
  • check your tyre tread – it should be at least 1.6mm all year round, but in the winter it is often recommended to have 3mm tread depth.  If you are driving in serious winter cold, snow tyres or tracks might be needed.
  • Have your car serviced in advance to make sure everything is in full working order.
  • Keep some deicer in the car – a quick squirt on frozen windscreens will melt any ice in no time.
  • Keep a few supplies in the car: at least a torch, a blanket and a warning triangle (just in case!)
  • Make sure your wipers are working well – driving in the winter means visibility is often reduced anyway!
  • Make sure you wait until all the ice is fully melted from windows and mirrors before setting off – it is illegal not to!
  • Check your journey options: in winter it is especially important to plan your journey ahead of time