Car Shipping from UK to Spain

Car Shipping From UK to Spain without worries with "Sunshine Car Transport"

Are you thinking of living in Spain and shipping you car from the United Kingdom to Spain? A lot of things inside your mind right now are bothering you regarding the technical difficulties in sending your car over. But fear not, car shipping from UK to Spain is easy with "Sunshine Car Transport". We have done all the research and understand the laws and regulations that govern the process of shipping your car from UK to Spain.

"Sunshine Car Transport" will take care of all the hazzle and will ship your car from UK to Spain.

What to do when moving from UK to Spain?

First of all, you need to find a professional car transport firma, specialized in shipping cars from UK to Spain.  "Sunshine Car Transport"  takes care of all the information about transporting any type of vehicles from the UK to Spain, the vehicle registration, the insurance involved during shipping and the taxations involved. All of these can be  trusted  to an experienced car transporters as "Sunshine Car Transport".

“Seguros”, as insurance is widely known in Spanish is readily available at websites and can be bought in a surprisingly short time, even in just a matter of minutes. Insurance companies from the UK come into play as they can still continue to insure your car; but it all depends on your planned stay in Spain. If you decide to stay for more than half a year, then it is recommended that you register your vehicle in Spain and have it insured as well in Spain. 

Obtaining a Spanish driver's license is unattainable without a “ Spanish Residencia”. This is one of the most important things to remember when shipping from UK to Spain. Anyone who is not in possession of a “Residencia” card during their short stay in Spain can drive UK-registered cars provided that they can present the proper documentation like registration, taxes and insurance, and as long as they bring with them a UK driving license.

Spanish law dictates that you should apply for “Residencia” if you plan on staying for more than 183 days in a year, as they give no conditions for renewing your papers regarding road taxes on your car. If this will be the story, then your car must be imported and have the plate number changed to a Spanish-registered number. You will be given a total of six months to facilitate the importation process of your car so you can have a brand new Spanish plate number. Better seek professional assistance in this matter as car importation has full of twists that will surely ruin your day.

There you have it, now that you are supplied with good information for when you want to move to Spain.

"Sunshine Car Transport" is specialized in shipping cars from the UK to Spain.