Changes to Laws Regarding Diesel Cars in the UK

The law is quickly changing in regard to diesel transportation here in the UK.  It has been discovered that diesel vehicles produce much higher levels of polluting chemicals than previously believed.  It was once thought that diesel cars were cleaner than petrol because they pump out less carbon dioxide, a main greenhouse gas.  It is now known that they emit high levels of poisonous gases called nitrogen monoxide.

The government is putting plans in place to reduce the amount of gases emitted within cities in the UK by charging higher taxes for older diesel vehicles.  This is meant to prevent so many people from buying diesel cars, being put off by the high prices.

London congestion charge areas is also increasing it’s fees for diesel drivers, adding an additional fee to bring a diesel car into the zone.  This is to help reduce the amount of chemicals in the air and thus lower the amount of people suffering from pollution related illnesses.