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Here at International Car Transport, we like to recommend our favourite international travel options to our readers! We love the services provided by Transfers Soberti in Barcelona - they offer excellent value minibus hire Barcelona to allow you and your family or friends to travel around Barcelona in comfort and style! From their luxury saloon cars to multi person minibus hire, they can offer a world class service for transfers and travel throughout Barcelona and the surrounding region. An ideal choice when you need to get from the airport to the centre of the city, but do not fancy negotiating the streets on your own!
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Chester Taxi and Transport Services

Taxi services in Chester can come in a wide variety of prices, depending on the distance you are looking to travel from A to B. Typically you'll find that most chester taxi prices start from £2.50 as an initial fee, to then go up every 20p for 50-100m. Prices can vary however and so can the quality of the transport service that is utilised. A great way to travel around Chester, hiring an executive taxi is a luxurious way to get around, offering you the peace of mind that you can reach your destination in style and in the utmost comfort.

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